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Religious Issues


Religion is defined as a belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator or governor of the universe. Throughout history there have been many different religious beliefs. Some of us have believed in nature gods such as Sun, Rain, Wind and Fire, and animal gods such as lions, bears, snakes, and bulls. Others of us have believed in multiple gods such as those of the Greeks, Romans, and Hindus. In addition, there are those of us who have believed in a single all-powerful god. On the other hand, some of us have not believed in any god.

At various times and places in history, new religious beliefs have come into favor. Often supplanting the old religious beliefs, but, often, there is a melding of the new and the old. Even today, after thousands of years, religious beliefs are still changing, and there are still many different religions. Although these religions have many core beliefs in common, they have many differences as well. Even within a single given religion, there are many differences that divide the faithful.


At no time in our history has there been worldwide agreement as to the truth of any religious belief. In general, the followers of each religion believe their religion is the one true religion and everyone else is wrong. This has led to religious persecution, conflict, war, and terrorism. Unless there is understanding or at least tolerance, there will continue to be conflicts over our religious beliefs.

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In the following sections, I will try to explain what I believe are some fundamental truths about religion and what we can do to lessen religious conflicts.

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