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Before we can make any real and lasting change, we need to make sure we have a solid foundation on which to build. To create this foundation, we will need to have an understanding of both our goals and our problems. To gain this understanding, we will need to take a look at many different things. These would include, but would not be limited to, such things as our history, our philosophy, our place in the world, and what is and is not possible.

Another important thing to consider is that each of us has grown up and lived in our own unique environment with our own unique combination of education, experience and other factors. Along with some influence from our own set of genetic predispositions, these factors have combined to influence how each of us sees the world in a way that is a little or a lot different from the way other people see it. Thus, we each have our own unique world view, which can lead each of us to filter the events of our lives and of our world in different ways. This can also lead each of us to interpret these events differently.

Whenever I am working on my ideas for a better future, I always try to keep in mind how my own world view may influence my ideas and try to reduce the influence of any resulting biases that I may have. Unfortunately, it would be impossible for me or for anyone to eliminate completely the influence of our own world view. Therefore, knowing a little about my background will help you to understand how I see the world and how that may have influenced the ideas that I will present here.


I have lived in many different places in at least 8 different states. I have lived on a farm where we had an outhouse and canned our own food, in big cities, and in the suburbs. I have rented apartments, owned homes and a condo and was an owner in a co-op. I have also done some traveling within the United States and to other countries such as Canada, Mexico, and a number of European countries.

I have worked at many different jobs in many different industries. I have done farm chores, worked in a grocery store, done bookkeeping and accounting, and worked as a computer programmer and systems analyst. As a Programmer/Analyst, I have worked to design, to build and to implement a wide range of systems for retail, insurance, manufacturing, financial, banking and service companies. I currently work as a web application developer, where I gather and analyze business requirements and convert them into appropriate web based business to business (B2B) applications.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in learning many different things in an effort to understand myself and the world around me. There have been many times when I have not been satisfied with the usual explanations or justifications for things, so I have asked questions and dug deeper in order to find the underlying truth. In my high school year book, I even stated that “I study all things in search of the key to the universe”.

In my pursuit of understanding, I have read and studied the ideas of many different people from throughout history on subjects such as philosophy, religion, government and science. By combining what I have learned and by using some no-nonsense common sense and logic, I was able to come up with my philosophy of life. I was then able to use this philosophy in order to gain a better understanding of the problems that our modern civilization is facing and to come up with some ideas for creating a better future.


My philosophy of life ended up being very similar to one of the most famous phrases in the United States Declaration of Independence. My version would read something like the following.

“Respect the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all current and future living things”.

This means that all current and future living things deserve the rights and the protections needed to live a life of their choosing as long as it does not unfairly infringe on the rights of others to do the same. The only “harm” that we should be allowed to do to others would be the result of fair competition or the appropriate response to what harm someone else has done or is trying to do to us or to others.

This can also be stated as I did in the Prolog as "do no undue harm", "protect everything from undue harm", and "allow everyone to live their lives their way".


Along with coming up with a philosophy, I came up with some corresponding guidelines to help me test the ideas that I or others have come up with to see if they would actually solve the problems we face in our world and modern civilization. Basically, these guidelines are just some requirements that must be met in order for me to deem any idea to be worthy of consideration.

At the very forefront of these guidelines are the concepts of "do no harm", "protect everything from harm", and "allow everyone to live their lives their way". Unless an idea can be made to at least pass these tests, then it will not work and should not be considered.


With my philosophy and guidelines in mind, I came up with some new ideas for solving the problems that we face in our world today. These ideas are meant to help us all live our lives in better harmony with others and with the world around us. By implementing these ideas, I truly believe that we would make the world a better place for all living things in the near and distant future.

Even though I have formulated my philosophy, guidelines and ideas over many years of study and careful thought, I will acknowledge that there are most certainly some new and better ideas out there waiting to be discovered.

As I learn new things, I am always using what I have learned to refine my existing ideas and to look for new ideas. Nevertheless, I do not think we have the luxury of waiting for the absolute best ideas to come along before making some needed changes. Therefore, we may need to make do with the best ideas available to us right now so that we can start to solve our problems, and then update our plans as better ideas come along.

Of course, in order for my ideas, or those of anyone else, to be implemented, people will need to know about them and to understand them. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to document my ideas for putting us on a path towards a better and brighter future, so that they can be read, discussed, refined and implemented. To get started, we will first need to review some information that will help to set the stage and to get us started thinking about our future path.

Starting Point

In order to find our future path and to solve our problems, we must all start with an open mind. We cannot take anything for granted. We must question and analyze everything. I did this while working on my ideas for our future path and I found that even some of my previously deepest held beliefs turned out to be wrong.

Next, we must look at the latest and greatest of the accumulated knowledge from many different disciplines, which would include, but not be limited to, history, science, engineering, philosophy, sociology, religion and government. We need to use this knowledge to put together a good understanding of ourselves and the world around us, and, as needed, to come up with some new ways of seeing and doing things.

By utilizing the best of our current technology and knowledge, and by applying some appropriate guidelines, we can move many of today’s problems toward their solutions. In addition, we can find a path that will take us into a better, brighter and more sustainable future, where all living things can have richer and more rewarding lives.

Of course, even with the vast amount of knowledge we have today, there are many things left for us to learn. In fact, some new discovery may greatly change what our future will look like. Even so, we cannot count on some future discovery to save us from a bad path. Therefore, we must map out the best future that is possible with what we know today, but make our plans flexible enough to take advantage of any new discoveries and to solve any new problems that may crop up.

Unfortunately, many of today’s problems do not have easy solutions or we would have solved them already. In addition, when looked at separately, many of our problems may not even have a workable solution. One difficulty is that the current solution to a previous problem may be preventing us from finding a solution to a current problem. For example, just locking up a criminal in prison for a few years may solve a short term crime problem, but unless we reform these criminals and stop creating new criminals, we will continue to have a long term crime problem.

In addition, some people may feel that a given course of action is the solution to a problem, but other people may have very different ideas about a solution. The problem here is that many so-called solutions may work with some people’s lifestyle choices, but not with those of others. A good solution to a problem must work for everyone.

Therefore, we need to look deeper than just our current or short term problems. The key to solving our problems is to look at the big picture. We must look at how everything in our world and our civilization works together as a whole. Then we can put together some overall principles that we can use to guild us in solving all of our problems for the long term. Basically, this will mean coming up with a new model for a civilization that would not have our current civilization’s problems and then finding the best way to convert our current civilization into this better one.

Foundation Content

In the following subsections, I will try to explain the foundations of my ideas for change.

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