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Health issues affect our current and future enjoyment of life and the survival of ourselves, and our decedents. Recently, this has been shown to be especially true with the whole world having struggled with the Covid-19 pandemic. Although we have struggled for a long time with the many problems resulting from the way we do and do not deal with our health, this pandemic has helped to highlight some of them. I will mention a few of these problems here and discuss more of them in a bit.

Our Human overpopulation and overcrowding, and all our global travel have created the perfect environment for the creation and spread of diseases. With around 8 billion people, who are often packed close together, there are plenty of hosts for a disease to infect and to spread to. In addition, with all the global travel, a new disease or variant can spread around the world before anyone knows it even exists.

There are also a lot of us who are in poor health, which makes us more susceptible to becoming sick. Part of the problem stems from too many of us living in poverty, which makes it hard for us to get enough to eat or to get healthy food, and to get proper medical care. Too many of us also live with too much pollution, which can also weaken and sicken us. Even those of us who are well off enough to eat well, get good medical care, and live in less polluted areas, may live an overly sedentary lifestyle which can lead us to things like obesity and diabetes.

There is also a lot of health care misinformation spreading around, which can lead us to not avail ourselves of lifesaving vaccines and drugs. Although some of us can have a bad reaction to some vaccines and drugs, the CDC and FDA today help to ensure that our vaccines and drugs are safe. Vaccines are especially important in helping prevent severe illness and slowing the spread of diseases and the creation of new variants. However, this only works if we get the vaccines instead of listening to the misinformation spread by anti-vaccine advocates and charlatans.

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In the following sections, I will discuss some more of our health-related issues and what I believe we need to do to ensure our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our decedents.

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