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Constitution (a Political Issue)


The United States constitution was written at a Constitutional Convention in 1787 and is the oldest constitution in the world. It sets out the fundamental rules governing the politics of our nation. It contains no rules about what must be done, except procedural rules governing the election of the President and Congress and the nomination of Supreme Court justices and other senior officials. However, it does contain many rules about what Congress, the executive, and the states (since the Civil War) may not do.

Our constitution also contains the rules for its own amendment. These rules state that proposals must emanate from either two-thirds of each house of Congress, or a constitutional convention called at the request of two-thirds of the state legislatures, and to succeed they must be ratified by three-quarters of the states.


Although I am not a constitutional expert, I expect that many of the changes that I am proposing will need to be addressed in our national and state constitutions. Some of my other proposed changes may not require constitutional changes, but they might be better protected there.

In the following subsections, I will be talking about some political and electoral changes. Since the United States Constitution has some procedural rules for the election of President and Congress, we will at least need to have an amendment to it in order to handle the new electoral process that I am proposing. In addition, our state constitutions will need to be reviewed to see if they need amendments to handle changes to the state and local elections.

Another area that will need some amendments is that of citizen’s rights and responsibilities. The United States Constitution does have amendments that cover our rights, but it does not really address our responsibilities. For any society to function, its members must contribute to its health and security in order for it to survive. Therefore, people should not expect to enjoy the rewards of citizenship without making an appropriate contribution to the protection of our nation. When people do not live up to all their responsibilities as citizens, they should not expect to enjoy all the rights of citizenship. Therefore, our rights must be tied to some appropriate responsibilities, which would best be done in our constitutions.

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