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With the ideas outlined in this book, I believe that we can make our future path one that will take us, our decedents and all the other inhabitants of our planet into a brighter and more sustainable future.


There are many people who say they know how to create a better life or brighter future for all of us. However, what these people usually propose is something that would make the world a better place for themselves and the few other people who may happen to want the same things out of life. Each one of us is a little or a lot different from everyone else, and we may each want very different things for our lives. In fact, very few people would agree on all the details of what a better life and a brighter future should look like. Therefore, given our differences, what would be a better life or brighter future for one person may be a worse life and/or a darker future for someone else.

Our differences make our lives more interesting and makes humanity stronger, but make it impossible for us to come up with one way of doing things that would work for everyone. Therefore, the key to creating a better life and brighter future for everyone is not in trying to come up with one way of doing things that we hope will work for everyone, but with embracing our differences and letting each one of us create the better life and brighter future that works best for ourselves.

In order for each of us to be able to have the better life and brighter future that we feel is best for us, we must come up with political, economic and social systems that are flexible enough to allow us to do that. Of course, there will still need to be a solid basic set of rules that will protect us and allow us to live our lives our way without preventing others from living their lives their way. However, beyond the laws and regulations that would come from these basic rules, we should be free to live our lives in our own way.

In their most basic form, these rules would be as follows.

  1. Do no harm.
    1. This includes not harming our environment, our resources, our property, nor other living things.
    2. When we compete fairly and honestly for such things as jobs, food, homes, mates and the other things we each want in life, we are not actually causing anyone harm, even if we win out over others. It would only be causing harm if we did not compete fairly or honestly.
    3. In addition, this is actually do no unnecessary harm, since we may need to harm someone in order to protect others who are being needlessly harmed by that person. Although, we could also consider this a case in which the person doing harm or trying to do harm to someone else is actually bringing the harm upon his or her own self and that the person stopping them is not really responsible for the harm.
  2. Protect everything from harm.
    1. This means we all need to protect our environment, all of our resources, all of our properties, and all other living things from anyone who would needlessly harm them.
    2. If we do not protect others from harm, then we cannot expect others to protect us from harm.
    3. However, if trying to protect someone from harm would put us in danger of being harmed as much or even more, then we have the right to protect ourselves and should not be forced to endanger our own lives.
    4. In addition, care must be taken when protecting someone or something so that needless harm is not done to someone or something else.
  3. Allow everyone to live their lives their way.
    1. If someone follows the first two rules and does no harm and protects everything from harm, then they should be allowed to live their lives their way.
    2. This also means allowing all living things, including all plants and animals, to live their lives as they were meant to be lived.
    3. This does not mean we are under any obligation to support the way others live their lives, it only means that we should support their right to live their lives their way, just as they should support our right to live our lives our way.

In order to codify these basic rules, we would first need to enshrine them in our federal and state constitutions. Then, we would need to come up with the specific laws and regulations that would allow us to enforce them through our legal system. Then, each of us would finally be free to do what we feel we need to do to make our lives better and our futures brighter.

What follows will, among other things, explain how these rules evolved based on an analysis of what has and has not worked in the past, on the good and the bad of where we are now, on the various paths where we could be headed, and on the brighter path future where we will hopefully end up.


There are many people who are unhappy or even angry about where our nation and our world has been headed and want some changes made. Here in the United States, this became even more evident in the 2016 election, which led to the election of a new president who has promised some big changes. However, these promises came without any real forethought or plan. In fact, many of the promised changes cannot be achieved with the proposed methods, or would actually be bad for our country and our environment. Although people want change, we need to make the right changes in order to create a better future for ourselves and all living things.

For me, the biggest loser in this election was the truth. There were so many exaggerations, misstatements, half truths, fake news stories and outright lies that I found it hard to like any of the candidates. Not because of what the candidates said about the other candidates, since I always tried to get the truth from more reliable sources, but because the candidates were lying. No one should want representatives who are willing to lie and to cheat to get what they want, since it will end up being at our expense.

All this negative campaigning in the 2016 election has divided our nation even further than it was and has left people with a lot of mixed feelings about where we and our nation might now be headed. This divide could lead to a lot more turmoil in the coming years or could spur more people to work together towards creating a better future for all of us.

I have never really been happy about voting for any candidate, since it seems most of them are more interested in representing the interests of themselves, their campaign donors, or their political parties than the people they are supposed to be representing. In addition, many, if not most, of the policies of all the existing political parties seem to be focused more on helping the members of their party and their donors with an emphasis more on what is wanted by the party leadership than the party membership. None of the political parties seem to have policies that are focused on helping all people and all living things, which means they are not really helping us to create a truly great and free society.

It is my hope that we can all come together to work towards creating a better future for ourselves and all living things, here and around the world. The way to do that is to elect representatives who will, above all else, do no harm, protect everything from harm, and allow everyone to live their lives their way.


The world we live in today still has many problems that we do not seem to be able to solve. These include, but are not limited to, poverty, hunger, crime, disease, drugs, discrimination, hate, war, terrorism, corruption, partisan politics, pollution, non-renewable energy, extinctions, and climate change. We have made some inroads into solving some problems, but often at the expense of making other problems worse. In addition, we are constantly creating new problems for ourselves and all life on our planet.

Although many of us today live longer, healthier and better lives than our ancestors, many of our lives are not improving or are getting worse. In addition, our improved lifestyles have come at the expense of our environment and have caused the extinction of thousands of species of plants and animals.

Given the world's current expanding population, and our current lifestyles, our very existence is increasingly becoming dependent on our continuing improvements in crop yields, and our continuing advances in medicine and in many other areas. Therefore, any failure to reduce our population or to keep advancing would likely result in global famine and war, and even the collapse of human civilization entirely.

Up until now, we have been able to keep advancing fast enough to keep improving our lives. However, there are some major impediments to our continuing advancement that we are rapidly reaching or have reached. These include limited available resources and the limits imposed by the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. In addition, our current political environment is preventing people from making the changes that are needed to solve our problems.

Even though we have made and are making some progress in solving some of our problems, much more needs to be done, sooner rather than later. If we are not able to start making some significant changes very soon, we will run out of time, and everything could start to decline very rapidly. In order to get started, we need a comprehensive plan to help direct our efforts so that we can make the best possible changes in the most rapid, efficient and constructive way possible.


For a long time, especially over the past several years, I have been thinking about and analyzing the way in which our world works and identifying our various problems. My goal has been to determine the causes of our problems and to come up with actual solutions, and not just the temporary patches that are so often proposed. I am now convinced that I have a fairly comprehensive plan that can fix our most pressing problems. With these solutions, we could transform our world into one where we humans and all living things would have a brighter and more sustainable future.

Everyone who is willing and able to work would be able to get a job and a comfortable place to live. Our overall cost of living would be much lower and we would have an overall higher standard of living, while at the same time better protecting our environment and all the living things with whom we share this world. We would also have more opportunities and more freedom to live our lives as we choose, while at the same time being better protected from crime and other dangers.

I have never considered myself a really good writer, but, in the following sections, I have done the best I can to describe our problems, their causes and some realistic solutions in a clear and convincing manner. Although I have not yet added all of my ideas and I still need some help with many of the details, most of the important solutions are here. However, if someone has any better solutions for our problems, then I would really like to hear about them.

These solutions can work. They are not some quick temporary fixes like many people have often promoted. These solutions require a deliberate and comprehensive restructuring of our political system, our economy, and our communities so that they will all be more sustainable, and will work more simply, efficiently, honestly, and equitably for everyone. Taken together, these solutions that I have come up with would make our world a much better place than anything we have had before, which will work for all of us and all living things. These solutions just need some final details, some more backers, and an agreement on the best possible plan to implement them.


My first goal was to create a blueprint for a better future where we could have a much higher and more sustainable standard of living for ourselves and for our world, while better protecting our environment. In addition, this better future would need to be one where we could all have a better opportunity to be free and to live our lives in our own way. This blueprint for a better future would just need the knowledge and the resources that we currently have available to us today. This means we could get started right away and not need to wait for technology to catch up.

My second goal was to find a path that could take us from where we are today to this better future. Luckily, it looks like there are a number of different paths that we could take, but the best path would be one that we could start taking sooner rather than later, that would take the least amount of effort and that would get us to our destination the fastest. Basically, the longer we continue down a wrong path, the more damage we will do to our world and to our lives, the harder it will be to get on a better path, and the longer it will take to create a better future.

My third goal is to present my ideas for this better future to as many people as possible. Initially, I am attempting to do this via this web site where people can read about my ideas. In the future, my hope is to do this in as many different ways as possible, and with the help of as many other people as possible who share my desire to create a better future, and who can help to spread these ideas to more people.

My next goal is to find the right group of people to help me to refine and to implement these ideas for a better future, and take this from being Our Future Path to being Our Path. Initially, we could also try out some of these ideas in some communities were we could use those communities to demonstrate to everyone what this better future might look like.

If we can show people that we can create a better future for ourselves and for our world, it will make it much easier for us to get everyone on the path to this better future where we can all have a higher and more sustainable standard of living, while better protecting our environment.

Our Decisions

Every day, we need to make decisions that will help to determine how good or how bad our lives will be today and in the future. We may make some decisions that will make our lives better today, but will lead us into trouble in the future. We may make other decisions that will make our lives more difficult today, but will make our future much brighter.

In some cases, our decisions will only affect our own future or our own family’s future. In other cases, our decisions will help determine the path that our society will take into the future. Our future path will help decide the eventual fate of our society, of our species and of our world.

We need to start making decisions today that can help us create a better future for all of us, for our environment, for our world, and for all the other living things with whom we share this world.

Our Path

The paths that people have taken in the past have brought us to the current state of the world, which has a multitude of problems, and is very unstable and unsustainable. There are people who are making progress in making our lives better and more sustainable. However, too many people are still on the wrong path. Unless many more people change their path, it looks very unlikely that we will be able to solve our current problems, let alone solve all the new problems that we seem to be headed towards.

Therefore, we must move towards a new path. What our future will end up being will depend on what path we take into the future. If we take the right path, our future could be better and brighter than it has ever been. If we take the wrong path, our future, if we have one, may be very bleak.

Of course, we may all have different ideas about what we want our future to look like, but I believe that all of us want our futures to be better. Therefore, we should all want our society to follow a path that will help take us all towards a future that will allow each of our lives and the lives of all living things to be better. In fact, we can create a better future where we can all have the freedom to live our lives in a way that we feel is best for ourselves, while still allowing others to live their lives in a way that they feel is best for them.

Given the size and complexity of our society and of our world, it may be difficult for anyone to fully comprehend the impact that our individual paths will have on our society’s overall path. Therefore, we need a plan that will help guide our choices so that we can all follow the best path for ourselves and for our world.

To start with, our plans for the future need to be based on a solid foundation of respect, justice and the right balance of freedoms and obligations for every person and for every living thing. This will give us our best chance for creating a better future, for ourselves, our decedents and all the other current and future inhabitants of our planet. Basing our decisions on this solid foundation will help guide us in making the needed political, economic and social changes that will lead us on the path towards a better future where we can all have a higher and more sustainable standard of living, while better protecting our environment.

With this solid foundation in mind, I have come up with a number of ideas that I have put together into a plan for making the world a better place for all. I am convinced that we can use these ideas and this plan to guide our future path, so we can make our way towards a much better and more sustainable future.

Within the pages of this book, I will try to describe some of these ideas. In doing so, I will also try to describe what some of our current problems are, why many of our current solutions are not working, and why my ideas can make our world a better place for every person and for every living thing.

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